12 – 14 March 2023
Reims, France

The first edition of this annual show will take place from 12 - 14 March 2023 in Reims, France.

For 3 days, this business event will bring together 300 exhibitors from 25 wine and spirits producing countries, with 75% of them outside of France.

More than 1,000 tourism professionals from 50 countries will be attending the fair. Tour operators, travel agencies as well as B2B entities involved in the tourism business such as company managers, marketing & communication directors, Presidents of wine clubs, incentive agencies will discover the global wine tourism offer.

0 million
wine and spirits tourists in the world by 2025
0 billion $
turnover generated worldwide by 2025
+ %
of additional turnover for each winery

They are already exhibiting

Why exhibit ?

The Wine & Spirit Tourism - International Trade Fair has the aim of representing tourism opportunities on offer from each region of the world in relation to the Wine & Spirits sector. A wide range of services is proposed, with the aim of meeting the needs of tour operators present.

An exhibition 100% dedicated to
Wine & Spirits tourism

Each year, this professional event will bring together the main players from the world's major wine and spirits producing regions in a single location.

Wine and spirits houses and estates will present their tour, accommodation, catering, and leisure activities to international buyers looking for unique experiences in wineries and distilleries from around the world.​

3 days of business development and experience sharing

  • Let your terroir and identity shine through to boost your wine sales
  • Enhance your wine and spirits experience to attract and retain new customers
  • Introduce visitors to your wines, estates, and activities through sensory and cultural experiences
  • Meet major market players and expand your ideas
  • Be sure to meet real decision makers of large-scale wine tourism projects thanks to our business calendar
  • Participate in the show's Hosted Buyer's Dinner to exchange and initiate new business horizons

Our strength: the Hosted Buyers Program

WST carefully selects its visitor panel: tour operators, travel agencies as well as B2B entities involved in the tourism business such as company managers, marketing & communication directors, Presidents of wine clubs, incentive agencies, etc... After careful analysis of visitor profiles, WST identifies those who will benefit from the Hosted Buyers Program.

A unique fair

  • Annual, to meet visitors' growing demand
  • 3 days, a short and efficient format
  • Hosted buyers associated with pre-scheduled and targeted appointments with buyers present at the show for real savings in time and efficiency!

Participating in WST - International Trade Fair is a unique opportunity to meet major decision makers and develop your visibility and sales!

WST welcomes all companies that propose a commercial tourism offer within a wine and/or spirits producing region:

  • Wineries, distilleries
  • Hotels, restaurants
  • Unions, inter-professions and groups of producers
  • Regional Agencies, Local Authorities, Tourist Offices
  • Museums, cultural or leisure facilities

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The Wine & Spirit Tourism - International Trade Fair has the aim of representing tourism opportunities on offer from each region of the world in relation to the Wine & Spirits sector. A wide range of services is proposed, with the aim of meeting the needs of tour operators present.

A splendid initiative ...

As President of the Conseil Supérieur de l'Œnotourisme, I would like to welcome and support the initiative of the establishment of the first world wine tourism trade show in France, WST. This private endeavor completes and amplifies the dynamics of the past few years.


President of the Conseil Supérieur de l'Œnotourisme and former Secretary of State for Tourism

Since I founded the Wine & Business Club in 1991, I have had the chance to meet many winegrowers and cellar masters. They put a lot of energy and initiative into promoting their terroir and their know-how. Both wine tourism and spirit tourism are powerful promotional tools, bringing real added value to their business. In ten years, Wine & Spirit tourism has never stopped winning over new enthusiasts around the world. This is how the idea of ​​creating the first international tourism fair dedicated to Wine & Spirits was born.

Alain Marty

WST* President

* The company Wine & Spirit ITF, SAS domiciled at 28, rue Pasquier 75008 Paris, oversees the organization of the international WST fair. The company, whose major shareholder is Alain Marty, made an initial fundraising of € 1.2 million from five French entrepreneurs.

They support WST

WST_BernardMAGREZ portrait 1
This is a great initiative that will allow the players in the world's great wines, champagnes and spirits to come and make their best proposal, which will certainly increase awareness of the high quality of their products.
President of the Bernard Magrez group
98% of cognac is exported to all consumer markets for spirits. A favorite among discerning connoisseurs, it must meet the growing demand for visibility and understanding of its know-how. Hence the growth of Spiritourism in the region. If historically we have spread our Cognac all over the world, today it is now a question of being able to bring the whole world to Cognac. That's why we support WST and are confident that this show will foster the union between the appreciation of the world's wines and spirits, and tourism.
President of Cognac Camus
Ulrich 300
Spirits tourism has grown significantly in recent years, and is predicted to increase sharply again in the future. It’s a unique way to discover and taste the incredible diversity of spirit-making across Europe. This first dedicated international fair is a pioneering initiative to bring relevant actors and professionals together and discuss how to develop and shape spirits tourism further in the years to come.
Director General of Spirits EUROPE
Jean Pierre Cointreau
As president of the French Federation of Spirits, I do support the new initiative of the WST. Spiritourism is one of the missions of the Federation which allows to highlight the cultural and gastronomic heritage of our different regions of France, in particular through visits to sites where renowned spirits are being produced. WST is a new event that allows to identify several opportunities to develop the Tourism of our Know-How combining distilleries, vineyards and tourism discoveries in each of our French regions, including overseas.
President of the French Federation of Spirits
Arnaud Robinet portrait
As Mayor of Reims and Vice President of the Grand Est Region in charge of attractiveness, culture, and tourism, I am delighted that our city and region have been chosen to host the world's first trade fair dedicated to tourism on the theme of wines and spirits. Reims, the City of Champagne, is at the heart of one of the leading wine and tourism regions in France. It boasts outstanding assets and quality and prestigious infrastructures to bring together the main players from the world's major wine and spirits producing regions and to promote all the wine tourism potential of our region and its development. I wish the WST every success.
Mayor of Reims and Vice-President of the Grand Est Region
Jean David Costerg_2
In the world of wines and spirits, we have seen two global trends emerge: firstly, a growing interest among consumers for quality wines and spirits, and secondly, tourism more focused on the knowledge of wines and spirits linked to place with a sense of provenance guaranteeing the authenticity of exceptional products offered to consumers and tourists. These two global trends have already been demonstrated in many parts of the world, but also where Lambay Irish Whiskey operates in Ireland with a significant 54% leap in tourism between 2015 and 2019 to Irish distilleries. Therefore, Lambay Irish Whiskey is convinced of the relevance and opportunities offered by WST as a truly distinctive show, bringing together both the tourism and wine and spirits worlds and at the same time meeting expectations today that are just waiting to be fulfilled.
Managing Director of Lambay Irish Whiskey Cie
As the best sommelier in the world (1992), I think the idea of ​​a fair dedicated to wine tourism and spirits is great. Not only do I support this project, which is fortunate to be organized in France, and I am delighted with the diversity of international exhibitors who will promote wine and terroirs of the world.
World's Best Sommelier (1992)
As a Catalan winegrower, I immediately found the idea of ​​a tourism fair dedicated to wines and spirits wonderful! As wine tourism is very developed in Spain, the WST plans to offer good visibility to all the vineyards of the country offering a tourist activity.
Terra Remota DO Emporda, Catalonia, Spain
Giuseppe Garesio portrait
Our family farming company, where we produce Barolo and Barbera, will participate in the WST. We are sure that we will find there the best interlocutors for our activities
Garesio Società Semplice Agricola
Eude Morgan portrait_2
Founded in 1822, NICOLAS is a tremendous benchmark for new trends in both production and consumption. When I heard about the creation of the WST, I applauded with both hands! I support this project which serves a global purpose.
Chairman and CEO of NICOLAS
Guy Savoy portrait
As a Michelin-starred chef, I support the WST project, which will provide a perfect route for the world of tourism, wine and spirits.
Michelin starred chef
WST_Bertrand Letartre
In my opinion, it is essential for a winery to propose a wine tourism service nowadays. We have the perfect example here at the Domaine La Rouillère. Being so close to Saint Tropez, a world-famous tourist town, I wanted to offer visitors a real immersion in the heart of the vineyards for an unforgettable experience. A few lucky people will even have access to my private museum of vintage cars. However, it isn't always easy to promote this offer on a global scale, which is why WST is a true springboard for all wine and spirits producers in the world. We immediately wanted to participate in this first edition!
Domaine La Rouillère
WST_JeanMarc Médio
I immediately agreed to the promise of WST because bringing together players from the tourism and wine industries from the four corners of the world seems a wonderful experience to me. A novel world concept which, I am sure, will make it easier to promote this profession, which has always fascinated me and for which tourism serves as a lever for its promotion and development. Two aspects that can't be ignored! Visitors, especially tour operators, travel agents and event agencies, will be able to access the world's wine tourism offer: from Tuscany to Rioja and Napa Valley, not forgetting spirits such as Scottish whiskies, not to mention Japanese sakes.
Château Puy Descazeau
Laurent Gardinier portrait
I welcome the news of the organization of a wine and spirits tourism fair in Reims with great pleasure and enthusiasm. It is a very good idea! As a hotel and restaurant owner, I am delighted that our soils are being promoted through this offer so rich in inspiring experiences for our customers.
Domaine Les Crayères
WST_OLIVIE Jean-Jacques_portrait1
The WST adventure is a real opportunity for winemakers from all over the world. They will present their wine tourism services to the major players in international tourism over the course of three business days. This project gives true visibility to the Wine & Spirits industry and anticipates a strong recovery for tourism by 2023. Finally, an unmissable event in which I immediately decided to participate!
Château Le Bouïs
Sophie Douce portrait
Just like the Mondial du Chocolat which has been organized in more than 17 countries for 25 years, I find that the WST is a magnificent project. I am certain that it will shine by becoming the leading international fair on the theme of wine and spirit tourism.
Co-founder of the Salon du Chocolat and owner of Château l'Isle Fort